New type of soup launched by Heinz

New type of soup launched by Heinz

Heinz, best known of course for their range of baked beans, are venturing into the instant soup market with a range called Heinz Squeeze & Stir. This is an instant soup product made from concentrated purée and is sure to shake things up among their rivals. Providers of catering supplies have welcomed the news, being another great new product they can offer.

Unlike conventional instant soups which come in sachets of powder, this new Heinz product comes in a tube-like sachet of highly concentrated purée. The soup is made by squeezing the purée into a mug and filling with boiling water. After a bit of a stir, the consumer should be presented with a tasty mug of soup.

This new product is expected to be introduced at 59p and will initially come in four flavours; minestrone, tomato and basil, cream of tomato and Mediterranean vegetable. Rather than introducing new flavours, Heinz has chosen four of its most popular existing flavours for the launch. Heinz Squeeze & Stir is expected to hit the shops this month.

Heinz is not promoting this new venture without a little fanfare. They have organised a £2 million advertising campaign which includes TV adverts and in-store activities. It is believed much of the advertising will be centred upon the fact that each helping provides one of your five a day. With the success of the five a day campaign, many people are looking to eat more healthily, and will see this as a good thing.

Heinz is already a big player in the soup industry with a 40% share of the current UK soup market. The market for instant soup is currently worth £86 million a year and Heinz is obviously looking to enjoy a larger share of this. It remains to be seen if this new type of instant soup takes off, but with Heinz’s record, it probably will.