Jallof Rice Vegetarian Caterers Option

Jallof Rice Vegetarian Caterers Option

This weekend I was a guest at an “Al Fresco” birthday party the atmosphere was great and the food plentiful and delicious with a broad self service menu choice consisting of Caribbean cuisine and Fusion food.

What really caught my attention and set my foodie business brain into overdrive was the inclusion of a traditional West African dish called Jallof Rice.

Jallof Rice is a spicy rice dish that traditionally contains chunks of meat. By cooking the rice and the meat together in one pot with a generous helping of spices the end result is some what like a spicy African paella.

The Jallof Rice that was served at the party contained no meat whatsoever and to my amazement this vegetarian friendly dish was absolutely delicious. The spices and fresh chillies had blended perfectly with the rice creating a light fluffy dish that packed a well balanced punch.

Caterers looking for a meat free options to include in a vegetarian menu should seriously consider the benefits of adding Jallof Rice to their product range.

For your convenience we’ve published a vegetarian Jallof Rice recipe in our recipe section, have fun!