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A genuine passion for coffee. That’s what makes Coffea Arabica a cut above other consultancies.

Whether it’s a coffee shop or a top restaurant, Coffea Arabica offers tailor-made packages to meet your requirements.

We offers a range of training courses, from basic skills to professional barista standard training, but it doesn’t stop there.

We also supplies coffee bars for events of any size.

Barista Training – Basic Course:
* Coffee harvesting, processing and roasting.
* The role of the barista
* Grinder and espresso machine operation, cleaning and maintenance
* Factors affecting coffee
* The perfect espresso and its daily quality control
* Milk texturing techniques
* Drinks preparation and presentation

Barista Training -  Intermediate Course:
* Introduction to Cupping
* Espresso workshop with a variety of coffees origins
* Blends creation
* Latte art skills.

Latte Art Course:
Make your outlet stand out from the crowd by adding beauty and style to your coffee with latte art.
Latte art is a technique used by a barista to create a variety of patterns on the surface of your latte by cleverly mixing the rich golden brown colour of the coffee with smooth velvety latte milk.
On average it takes 3 hours to train a barista in the basic techniques of latte art then it is just a matter of practice!