Address:45 Sinclair Road, Aberdeen,,AB11 9BG

Contact phone number: +44 (01224) 896000

Allan & Dey Ltd is a company with a long and proud tradition and an even brighter future.

Our people and our methods combine to ensure total quality. What is more, by understanding the marketplace in which YOU operate, we are able to adapt to the changing needs of the customer.

All in all, a recipe which has helped us satisfy the demands of discerning wholesale and retail markets throughout the world.

Smoked Fish:
Smoked Haddock - Cod - Whiting
Smokies - Finnans
Kippers - Mackerel

Salmon Products:
Whole Salmon - Farmed & Organic
Salmon Fillets - Farmed & Organic
Smoked Salmon - Sides & Slices
Organic Smoked Salmon - Sides & Slices

Fresh Fish:
Haddock - Whiting - Cod
Halibut - Red Snapper - Red Mullet
Tuna - Sword - Tilapia
Bass - Bream

Langoustines - Mussels
Scallops - Razors
Surf Clams - Winkles
Crabs - Lobsters

Marinated Products:
Prawns - Crayfish
Herring - Brown Shrimps
Seafood Cocktail - Mussels