Address:Barnpark Business Estate, Tillicoultry,Clackmannashire,FK13 6BP

Contact phone number: (01259) 751846

Tilly Confectionery, or better known as Mrs Tilly’s, is a family run business who pride themselves in the production of good quality confectionery, using traditional methods and only the finest of ingredients. Most importantly they are exploring ways of exploiting their unique selling point of having no artificial additives or preservatives in any of their products.

Scottish Tablet
This is a truly luxurious product, with a creamy texture and a hint of decadence. The golden colour of the product comes from the natural caramilsation of the sugar mixed with the condensed milk. This along with the other natural ingredients produces a unique melt in the mouth taste experience. Remember with the lack of additives and preservatives we produce a totally natural product.
Scottish Fudge
Our fudge is an exceptionally creamy product which obtains its colour from the luxury ingredients used. It`s a Scottish version of a typical English product. With there being no additives or preservatives the fudge is a delicious irresistible mouth watering product.

Scottish Macaroon
Our macaroon bars are traditionally produced with an enticing, sweet soft centre. This is then dipped in delicious real chocolate and then coated in a crunchy toasted mixture of dark and light coconut which gives the lovely special burnt taste.