Address:135 Ludlaw Road, Birmingham,West Midlands,8B 3BT
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Contact phone number: (+44) 121 326-90-98

Tasty-Bake is the taste of quality and one of the UK`s leading sausage manufacturers. Using the latest technology and finest ingredients we produce a range of IQF sausages and saveloys at our modern factories. With 30 years of experience of producing a range of high quality sausages and saveloys, it is no surprise that Tasty Bake is one of the UK’s leading food manufacturers. From our modern factories we use the latest technology and only the finest ingredients to ensure our high standards are reached time and time again. Our customers purchase with confidence as competitiveness is constant, service is totally reliable and quality is assured. Not being a company to stand still and seeing a gap in the market for authentic Mediterranean pitta bread, Tasty Bake built a state-of-the-art bakery to produce Cypriot-style pitta bread from an old family recipe. With years of experience and using only the finest Cypriot and Greek flour, the Tasty Bake Pitta was born. Recently, our customer demanded more diverse products and Tasty Bake were quick to respond and chicken nuggets were added to our product range along with fruit juices, including exclusive UK distribution deals with some of the largest producers of juice from Spain and Cyprus.