Address:Stable Cottage, Weald Manor, Bampton,Oxfordshire,OX18 2HH

Contact phone number: 0845 299 7480

Ue Coffee Roasters are end-to-end suppliers of premium artisan hand roasted coffees, Barista training courses and providers of comprehensive business support with stylish, professional equipment & high quality products for quality-conscious coffee bars, restaurants, hotels & deli retail outlets.

Our barista training courses:

On-site Coffee School
This starter course is perfect for frontline staff and those developing a taste for coffee. With an introduction to beans and roasting, you`ll learn how to pull a good espresso and foam milk correctly for lattes and cappuccinos. We also go into all the other drinks you have on your menu, so that your drinks are produced consistently and as they should be every time. It`s hands-on coaching, guided by experts, with time built in to rehearse before showing off your new skills to your customers.

Barista School
Advanced training for experienced staff. Practise the secrets of latte art, and learn how to maintain consistent standards in your coffee every day. We`ll explore the science of coffee quality and freshness, then we will help you to really understand your machine and how to look after it.

Coffee Trainer Workshop
Our train-the-trainer course for lead Baristas and managers. We`ll show you how to develop and run your own staff training programmes, with the chance to practise the best techniques while you`re with us. Learn about running those all-important coffee quality checks and take away valuable training tools for your business.