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etc is a distinguished brand of Spring Water, offering a smooth, fresh flavour sourced locally from the countryside in the South West of England. Originating from a natural rock spring in Devonshire, etc Spring Water is clear and crisp. Hydrostatic pressure at the exclusive spring adds to what Mother Nature has already created, resulting in total undiluted purity, bottled on demand to maintain the waters’ freshness. Each and every precious drop of etc SpringWater has slowly percolated through rocks, including chalk and limestone, over hundreds of years to create a distinct flavour that is simply incomparable. This organic filtering ensures etc Spring Water holds a balanced mineral content, whilst remaining uncontaminated by artificial processes and ingredients, making it one of the purest waters on the market today. With a low carbon foot print, etc Spring Water is full of healthy minerals with a low sodium content that will not leave a `chemical’ aftertaste like so many other water brands before. Uber sleek with a subtle design, etc Spring Water comes in 330ml, 500ml and 750ml recycled bottles, with an elegant premium Gold Range available in both still and lightly sparkling. Refined, fashionable and sophisticated, etc Spring Water provides hydration and revitilisation whilst reviving your senses without compromise.