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StarChef recipe costing and menu planning software offers the easiest, most complete way to manage ingredients, develop dishes and plan menus. It enables you to analyse the profitability of your food operation; access up to date costings for all items on your menu; and encourage your staff to follow standardised recipes, methods, yields and food safety procedures. Our customers include restaurant chains, hotel groups, casinos, schools, universities, contract caterers and food service organisations from around the world.

* Storage capability for thousands of ingredients.
* Support for US, UK (Imperial) and Metric measurements.
* Each ingredient can be linked to multiple ingredient images.
* Ingredient usage - dishes containing the ingredient are displayed.
* Storage capability for thousands of dishes.
* Each dish can be linked to multiple dish images.
* Sub dishes - the addition of one dish recipe to another.
* Critical Control Points (CCPs) can be specified for each dish recipe.
* Dish recipe scaling allows a dish to be scaled up or down to increase or decrease serving yields.
* Unit conversion enables you to convert units displayed in a dish.
* Advanced recipe costing.
* Storage capability for thousands of menus.
* Menu costing.
* Menu profit analysis.
* Menu engineering.
* Outlets can be created for each revenue centre and menus linked to these outlets.
* StarChef Menu Layout Wizard for producing professionally presented menus.
* Data can be grouped by multiple user defined categories.
* StarChef import wizard which enables users to import StarChef ingredients, dishes and menus.
* StarChef export wizard which enables users to export StarChef ingredients, dishes and menus.
* Speed up data input by copying existing ingredient, dish and menu records.
* Powerful search and filter tools allow users to quickly find ingredients and dishes.
* Extensive ingredient, dish and menu reports including recipe sheets with dish images.
* Customization of reports to include company logos, fonts, headers and footers.
* Reports can be output to Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Web pages (.htm, .html), Rich Text Format (.rtf) and Text format (.txt).
* One way synchronization of data.
* Management of database security and permissioning.
* The Find and Replace tool enables users to quickly replace an ingredient or dish in their database with another ingredient or dish.
* Use of SC Importer to import and update ingredients.