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We are passionate about Spanish food and have a network of suppliers to bring the real taste of Spain to the UK and Ireland.

We have a wealth of experience in the import and wholesale business of Spanish food. If you have any specialist requirements relating to your business please contact us to discuss it further.

CHIFONADA PRODUCTS (PAP=Protective Atmosphere Packed / VC="Vacum" Packed)
Chifonada Cecina de León 100 gr (pap)
Chifonada Lomo 100 gr (pap)
Chifonada Ham 80 gr (pap)
Chifonada Salchichón 100 gr (pap)
Chifonada Chorizo 100 gr (pap)

Salami 150 gr (vc)
Salchichón 200 gr (vc)
Chorizo Pamplona 150 gr (vc)
Chorizo 200 gr (vc)
Cecina de León 100 gr (vc)

Wedges of Goat´s Cheese 425 gr
Wedges of Sheep´s Cheese 250 gr
Wedges of Cheese Conde Duque 375 gr
Wedges of Cured Cheese San Vicente 375 gr
Wedges of Semicured Cheese San Vicente 400 gr

PAELLA (Chilled Pasteurised with up to 90 life, Microwave in 5 minutes):
Chicken Paella 1 Kg
Seafood Paella 1 Kg

SAUSAGE (String, Vela and Sarta or Sliced):
Chorizo “U” picante 360 gr
Chorizo “U” normal 360 gr

Chorizo Sarta Extra 250 gr
Pancetta 3 pieces 200 gr
Diced Pancetta 100 gr
Compango with Beans 550 gr
Chorizon 250 gr
Compango with Lacón 450 gr
Compango with Beans 550 gr
Compango with Chorizo, Black Pudding and Bacon 200 gr

Tapas Lomo Chorizo Salchichòn Ham Cecina de León 200 gr (pap)
Tapas Lomo Chorizo Salchichòn Ham Cheese 200 gr (pap)
Tapas Lomo Chorizo Cheese 100 gr (pap)
Tapas Lomo Chorizo Ham 100 gr (pap)