Address:Fernhill Cottage, Sheffield,yorkshire,S6 6GH
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Contact phone number: 01142630240

Welcome to Denton’s Farm Shop, dedicated to supplying the best meat, full of the flavour that is missing in so much of the mass-produced food we buy today. All our Meat is from Farms in and around the Peak National Park and are reared outside as nature intended. We allow them to root, dig and graze in fields, this allows them to express their natural behaviour and grow at their own pace. The delicious meat this produces is deeper in colour, richer in flavour and the best you can buy. When you buy our meat you can rest assured that our animals do not have antibiotics, growth promoters or GM additives added to their feed. Why not try some of our free range pork, dry cured hams and bacon and old fashioned hand made sausages using natural skins and traditional curing methods that produce an outstanding product, full of flavour and no added water, Just how it used to be! – all produced by ourselves, giving you complete traceability and confidence in our meats. We offer a wide range of well hung meats including beef (hung for 4 weeks), lamb (hung for up to 2 weeks), pork (hung for 1 week), chemical free and gluten free sausages and burgers and game also available.