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Introducing COLDISPLAY COLDISPLAY chiller trays make sure your buffet presentations stay fresher and more appetising for longer. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, COLDISPLAY modular chiller trays are every caterers` answer to keeping cold buffets cold in the warmest reception rooms and however hot the weather, without compromising creativity or appeal. Modular Our chilled buffet and serving trays come in a wide range of sizes and designs to satisfy the most creative caterer Efficient Keeps chilled food presentations cool for up to 3 hours: finger buffets have never looked so fresh or appetising Compact Not just simple to use but easy to store away too Hygienic Because the trays fully dismantle, they are simple to keep clean: the plate and frame are fully dishwasher proof too. The COLDISPLAY range of chiller/cooling trays are the only choice for the professional caterer looking to produce the most appealing and appetising cold buffet presentations possible. For more information and details of where to buy, contact NTS (Europe) Ltd using the details shown. Alternatively download a brochure here: