Address:48 Cox Lane, Chessington,Surrey,KT9 1TW

Contact phone number: +44 (0)20 8391 9777

New England Seafood is a major supplier of fresh and frozen premium sustainable fish and seafood in the UK and one of the largest importers of fresh tuna.

We source in excess of 30 species of wild and farmed fish and seafood from over 40 countries worldwide and our expertise lies in a passion for responsible sourcing, as well as value-adding, turning our raw material into a hand-crafted product that tastes as good as being homemade and is from a trusted source.

Our fish are landed from one-day fishing trips wherever possible. All our fish are stored on ice within minutes of being caught, ensuring maximum freshness. From the boats they are delivered direct to dedicated shoreline facilities, helping speed the journey from the sea through processing and on to export.

Wild fish
New England sources wild fish caught using the most sustainable methods and the best techniques possible such as short longlining to target the fish we want to catch; this includes traditional pole and line or handline fishing which also ensure that unwanted bycatch is largely avoided.

This approach to sustainability includes sourcing from fisheries that operate within management programmes and wherever possible we work with fisheries certified to the Marine Stewardship Council`s environmental standard for well-managed and sustainable fisheries. New England`s Chain of Custody certification with the MSC covers products such as our Wild Alaskan Salmon.

Our commitment to sustainable sourcing is also reflected in our ongoing research which aims to develop sales in a wider range of lesser-known, but highly sustainable, species.

Farmed fish
We source our farmed fish from small-scale farms whose products are well handled and fully traceable. Our farmed fish suppliers adhere to standards that assure both quality of product for our customers and support the welfare of fish stock.