Address:Red House Farm, West Butterwick, Scunthorpe,North Lincs,DN17 3JZ

Contact phone number: +44 (0) 1724 783966 / 07734 599395 / 07775757727

Axgro Foods Ltd is a family owned company based in West Butterwick, North Lincolnshire.  Since 1978, the company has been in the forefront of adding value to locally grown vegetables, serving national and regional customers in retail and foodservice markets in the UK as well as a growing export trade.

The business is now a highly sophisticated modern food manufacturer with over 50,000 sq ft of closely controlled production space.  We are fully accredited to BRC Higher standard by EFSIS and are a key supplier to a number of the UK and European supermarket groups.

Our Facilities Include:
* High speed peeling and cooking lines for root vegetables
* Multi-vac packing lines designed to pack units from 130g to 2kg
* Retort cooking vessels with computer control capable of heat preservation of food from gentle pasteurisation to full sterilisation.
* Pasta, rice and noodle cooking facilities with a capacity of up to 1 tonne per hour
* High Care processing of ready to eat and heatable recipe dishes
* Roasting and steaming ovens with a capacity of over 2 tonne per hour
* Chilling and freezing facilities throughout the site
* Fully automatic apple coating facilities

Chilled Potato Products:
* Pre-cooked Jacket Potatoes in a variety of sizes.  Packed with goodness and convenient for the busy caterer.
* Pre-cooked baby boiled potatoes—cooked in a flexible bag to retain texture and moisture and available in plain, minted and garlic flavours.  Available in either retail (500g) or foodservice (1kg & 2kg) formats.

Frozen Potato Products:
* Jacket Potatoes in a variety of sizes.  Precooked and quick frozen.
* Filled Jacket Potatoes—potato shells, scooped out and filled with recipe fillings, topped with flavoured mash.  Products include:
          o Baked Bean with a cheesy mash
          o Veggie chilli sin carne
          o Tuna with tomato and herb with a cheesy mash
          o Ratatouille with an olive oil mash
          o Baked bean and premium Lincolnshire sausage

* Duchesse style potatoes—baked potato halves with flavoured potato “duchesse” style fillings.  Available for retail or foodservice in Cheese & Onion or Garlic Butter flavours
* Potato Longboats—baked potato skins, scooped out and quick frozen
* Potato Wedges—quarter baked potato skins scooped out and quick frozen
* Roast potatoes—selected potatoes, peeled and quartered, pre-roasted and quick frozen

Compound Salads Foodservice:
* All products are available in 1kg and 2kg format and most carry a delivered shelf life of well over 10 days.
* All raw materials are either processed or cooked from primary ingredients in our own dedicated 15,000 ft2 High Care production unit.

Compound Salads Retail:
* Pasta “Snack” Products—a range of quality ready to eat salads aimed at the lunchtime market. The products are packed in clear plastic rigid trays with an integral “spork” and a high quality sleeve.
* Fresh Salads—a range of selected compound salads with glossy pre-printed labels designed as a functional retail range of convenient prepacks.  Products available include Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Harvard Beetroot, Caribbean Rice etc.
* Howarth’s Traditional Salads—a focused range of high quality salads in premium packaging including Luxury Potato Salad, Pasta Napoli and Seafood Salad

Beetroot Products:
* Raw graded beets
* Peeled and cooked beets
* Pre-packed beetroot in a number of sizes
* “Long Life” beetroot—retort cooked giving an ambient life of up to 6 months
* Diced Beetroot
* Sliced Beetroot
* Pickled Beetroot
* Flavoured beetroot (raspberry / orange etc)

Sandwich Fillings:
These products are packed in 1kg tubs and are ideally suited for:-
* Sandwiches
* Baguettes
* Wraps
* Jacket potatoes

Meal Accompaniments: (These products are produced for specific trading partners to their specification in either chilled or frozen format)
*  Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables in a tomato and herb sauce
* Button mushrooms in a white wine and garlic sauce
* Savoury rice with sauteed peppers in a sweet pepper dressing
* Fragrant Thai Rice
* Root vegetable roasting mix with roasted garlic
* Moroccan cous cous with chick peas and olives in a lemon and coriander dressing

Coated Apples:
*  Traditional Toffee Apples
* Chocolate Apples
* Indulgence Candy Apples
* Novelty Packaging