Address:5 Millers Close, George Edwards Industrial Estate, Fakenham,Norfolk,NR21 8NW

Contact phone number: 01328 851400

At Fakenham Frozen Foods we have a massive range of frozen food which we deliver to Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Nursing Homes etc, throughout East Anglia by our fleet of refrigerated lorries and vans.

With constant temperatures between  -18º to -22º you can be assured of receiving your frozen foods delivery in excellent condition.

Prawns  - A complete range of Frozen Prawns.
Scampi - Whole Tail and Reformed.
Shellfish - Crabs, Cockles and Mussels etc.
Breaded Fish - Plaice Cod and Haddock
Battered Fish - Cod and Haddock.
Plain Fish - Cod, Plaice, Haddock and Sole.
Smoked Salmon - Slices or Steaks.
Salmon - Whole or Portions.
Smoked Fish - Haddock, Mackeral, Trout and Kippers.
Whole Fish - Plaice, Sole, Kippers and Trout.
Fish Cakes - Cod and Salmon.
Fish fingers - Cod.
Goujons - Plaice.
Platters - Seafood and Fishermens Medley.

Pies - hot or cold cutting and microwave.
Poultry - turkey and chicken breasts plus ready cooked.
Chips - many different cuts available.
Sausages - pork, pork & beef and sausage rolls.
Burgers - beef, chicken and vegetarian.
Pankake Rolls - chinese, vegetable savoury etc;
Meats - lamb and pork roasts, pates, barbeque ribs.
Quiches - large variety.
Ready Prepared Meals - a wide variety of potmeals available.
Rice - long grain, white, wild and pilau rice.
Vegetables - peas, beans, sprouts, mixed veg, carrots, corn.
Vegetarian Specialities - a variety of quorn products etc;

Burger Buns - 4"& 5" Seeded. 4.5" White
Baguettes - Small, Full, Garlic and Sandwiches
Granary Rolls - 5" Granary Salad Rolls
Petit Pain - Mini and Normal
Hot Dog Rolls - 6" Hot Dog Rolls and 7.5" Jumbo
Baps - 4" Plain or 5" Floured
Batons - Malted Wheat or Granary
Torpedos - Malted Wheat or Granary

*We supply Gateaux produced by Sidoli, Cadbury`s, Carlton, Aulds, Maynard Scotts, Sarah Lee and Fromark.
*A few of our Pie Desserts are: Apple, Blackberry and Apple, Strawberry and Pear, Lemon Meringue and Cherry .
*Large range of Ice Cream from Blocks, Tubs and Individual Cups to Ice Cream Sundaes, Mousse and Sorbet.