Address:Laughton Road, Ringmer,East Sussex,BN8 5UT

Contact phone number: 01825 841002

All our fresh dairy products are made with care in our farm dairy. We endeavour to source our other main ingredients from local Sussex producers.

We are most renowned for our real dairy ice cream, but more recently we have been asked for “Sussex Milk”. We are happy to oblige and advise that Downsview milk and cream are now available.

Ice Cream
Our real dairy ice cream is made in Sussex using fully pasteurized milk and cream. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients with no added artificial colours or preservatives.

Downsview Farmhouse fruit sorbets are so smooth they could be mistaken for ice cream - they do not have the icy texture that you might expect.

The very best double cream. As with all our products, Downsview Farmhouse cream comes from fully pasteurized milk.

We supply fresh, non-homogenized milk, which comes exclusively from our own herd of cows. Homogenization is the process by which the particles of butterfat are reduced in size and then evenly mixed throughout the milk.