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Contact phone number: +44 (0)1580 764321

Paragon Processing Solutions Ltd promotes and distributes a wide range of high quality processing equipment primarily to the food industries. From the cutting and dicing of frozen, fresh and cooked meat, poultry or fish, utilising Magurit equipment: to the cooking and cooling of meat, sauces, rice and pasta with Blentech batch or continuous systems and blending tumble mixers.

Battering (batter mixer and applicator)

Breading (Preduster and Breader for drum style or flat bed coating)

Brine Preparation (brine mixing/preparation systems)

Cooking Vessels - Batch (Single/twin shafted horizontal cooker with wrap around steam jacket)

Cooking Vessels – Cheese (cheese cooking sytem for the cooking of processed and anolog cheese)

Cooking Vessels – Continuous (For the continuous cooking of a variety of products including meat, rice, pasta and vegetables. Utilising a steam jacket, direct steam)

Depalletising (For the automatic depalletising of frozen blocks)

Dicing/Slicing – Fresh/Cooked (Chilled, fresh or cooked materials are continuously carried forward by the wide transport belt to the cutting area of the machine)

Dicing/Slicing – Frozen (2 dimensional block cutter for the pre-breaking of blocks into strips for further processing)

Flattening (flattener increases the efficiency of protein extraction and gives a better protein bond capability)

Frozen Block Reduction (ideal for the cutting of frozen blocks into slices)

Fryer (Thermally heated continuous fryer)

Injecting (designed for producer wishing to process both bone-in and boneless product)

Meatball Forming

Mozzarella Cheese (evolutionary Fusion Cooker for the processing of Mozzarella cheese)

Tenderising (Roller Steaker cuts the surface of boneless meat with rotating knives)

Tumbling – Chilling (system incorporated into the tumblers ensures gentle massaging and improved end to end mixing)