Address:18 Cottonbrook Road, Sir Francis Ley Industrial Park,Derby,DE23 8YJ

Contact phone number: +44 (0)1332 367136

Leading the way in the design and manufacture of bespoke fryer-based process line equipment.

* A wide range of systems for the preparation of snack and conveience foods
* Batch & Continuous fryers & ancillary process equipment for flavouring, coating and distribution etc.
* Standard built equipment ranges and custom-built solutions tailored to meet your process needs.
* Designed to support your business success.

Continuous Fryers:
* Purpose designed conveyors allow the customer to choose a configuration which suits their product frying process.
* Consistent product frying quality is achieved by accurate temperate control and a wide range of conveyor speeds.
* Electric and Gas heating options are available to suit customer requirements.

Flavour Feeder:
* The flavour feeder adds flavouring powder to the fried product at a controlled and constant rate.

Flavour Cylinder:
* The Coat & Fry cylinder rotates product in flavour powder resulting in a consistent coating.
* The cylinder angle and speed of rotation are variable, ensuring maximum control over the rate of through-put.

Fine Fabric Oil Filtration Unit:
* Oil filtration unit works in conjunction with the Fryer removing minute finings from the cooking oil.
* The Coat and Fry unique Fabric oil filtration unit offers immense savings to the customer in prolonging oil life by removing minute finings missed by other traditional filtering processes

Vibratory De-Oiler Conveyor:
* Products are conveyed and rotated along the vibratory trough removing excess oil regardless of the size, shape and nautre.

Vibratory Pellet Feeder controls the rate of pellets:
* The Pellet Feeder incorporates a large feed hopper reducing operator refilling time.

Direct Heating System:
* Internal direct electric heating
* Internal Direct Gas Heating
* External Direct Heating by Electricity or Gas