Address:102a Station Road, Cradley Heath, Warley,West Midlands,B64 6PL

Contact phone number: 0121-561 5353

Dairyland are a one-stop-shop for the retail and catering industry, providing daily deliveries across the UK of essential and specialist food and related supplies.

Dairyland are proud to be a certified EFSIS site for Storage and Distribution of wholsale food and caterting products


Wholesale Bacon:
Back Bacon Retail    30x200g
Cooked Farmhouse Streaky   1kg
Short Back Bacon    5lb
Smoked Back Bacon   2.5kg
Streaky Bacon   5lb

Wholesale Baguettes & Bread:
Bar Marked Hinge Cut Panini  40x110
Buns 5 Floured   6x8
Ciabatta   30x250
Eurobuns 4.5 Seeded   X48
Eurobuns 5 Seeded   X48
Large Pitta Bread   X10doz
Paninis      30x135g
Part Cooked Triple Grain Baguettes   X30
Part Cooked White Baguettes   X30
Pitta Bread Large   24x6
Pitta Bread Small    20x12
Small Pitta X10 Doz
Thaw & Serve Baguettes    X30
Tortilla Wraps 10     X72

Wholesale Baltis:
Beef Madras Balti    400g
Chicken & Mushroom Balti    400g
Chicken Balti    400g
Chicken Jalfrezi Balti    400g
Chicken Korma    400g
Chicken Madras Balti    400g
Chicken Saag Balti    400g
Chicken Vindaloo    400g
Chiken Tikka Massala Balti    400g
Lamb Keema Balti    400g
Lamb Rogan Josh Balti    400g

Wholesale Beer:
Carling Black Label    Keg
Carlsberg    Keg
Cobra Beer Keg    Keg
Cobra Indian Beer    24x330
Magners Irish Cider    568x12
Stella Artois    Keg
Strongbow Cider    Keg

Wholesale Carton Drinks:
Apple Juice    27x200ml
Capri Sun 5 Pack    5 Pack
Orange Juice    24x200ml
Pineapple Juice    24x200ml
Ribena Apple Cartons    27x288ml
Ribena Blackcurrant Cartons    27x288ml
Ribena Light Cartons    27x288ml
Ribena Orange Cartons    27x288ml
Ribena Strawberry Cartons    27x288ml

Wholesale Cooking Wine:
Cooking Wine Red    3ltr
Cooking Wine White    3ltr

Wholesale Water:
330ml Water Still    24x330ml
Apple & Black Water Sparkling    12x500ml
Apple Water Sparkling    12x330ml
Cranberry And Raspberry Water Sparkling    12x500ml
Evian Water    24x500ml
Hadrian Clear Still Water    12x330ml
Hc Kids Water Apple    12x330ml
Hc Kids Water Blackcurrant    12x330ml
Hc Kids Water Strawberry    12x330ml
Lemon & Lime Water Sparkling    12x330ml
Peach Flav Water Still    12x500ml
Peach Water Sparkling    12x500ml
Pine & Passion Flav Water Still    12x500ml
Raspberry Flav Water Still    12x500ml
Sparkling Flavoured Water    12x330ml
Sparkling Water (hadrian Clear)    24x500ml
Still Water Sports Cap (hadrian Clear)    24x500ml
Strawberry & Kiwi Water Sparkling    12x500ml
Strawberry Water Sparkling    12x330ml
Water Apple/black    18x500ml
Water Lemon/lime    18x500ml
Water Orange/manderin    18x500ml
Water Sparkling    24x500ml
Water Sports Cap    24x500ml
Water Still    24x500ml
Water Still (hadrian Clear)    24x500ml
Water Still (radnor Hills)    24x500ml
Water Straw/kiwi    18x500ml
Wild Water Blackcurrant Elephant    12x270ml
Wild Water Orange Monkey    12x270ml
Wild Water Strawberry Hippo    12x270ml

Wholesale Butters & Spreads:
Assorted Jam Potions    96x20g
Beef Dripping    Doz
Butter (250g)    20x250g
Butter 2kg    2kg
Butter 40s    40x250
Butter Dishes    100x10g
Butter Portions    100x7g
Case Summer County    6x2kg
Clover    2kg
Flora    2kg
Jam Strawberry    3kg
Kerry Maid    2kg
Lard    48x250g
Margarine (sunflower)    2kg
Marmalade    3kg
Marmite    600g
Peanut Butter    2.5kg
Summer County    2kg
Unsalted Butter    40x250g

Wholesale Cake Products:
Banana Cake    X12
Choc Chip Cake Slice    X24
Chocolate Brownies    X24
Chocolate Fudge Cake    X12
Ginger Cake    X12
Ginger Cake Slice    X50
Large Eccles Cakes    27x
Lemon Cake    X12
Lemon Cake Slice    X50
Luxury Genoa Slice    X60
Madiera Cake    X24
Mince Pies (6 Pack)    6 Pack
Mince Pies X 24    Case
Mini Eccles Cakes    Case
Mixed Cakes    X12
Mixed Crumble Bar    24x
Mixed Cup Cakes X 24    
Ridings Chocolate Crunch    X24
Ridings Fruit Slice    X24
Small Muffin    Case
Snowballs    X36
Toffee Cake    X12
Toffee Crisp    X48

Wholesale Fairtrade Cakes:
Fair Trade Butter Flapjack    X25
Fair Trade Choc Chip Shortbread    X25
Fair Trade Choc Rice Bar    X25
Fair Trade Chocolate Brownie    X25
Fair Trade Eccles Cakes    X20
Fair Trade Fruit Flapjack    X25

Wholesale Chips & Wedges:
Aviko Fries 3/8    4x2.5kg
Lutosa 3/8    4x2.5kg
Mccains Jullienne    6x2.5kg
Spicy Wedges    4x2.5kg
Steak Cut Chips (lutosa)    4x2.5kg
Twisters (seasoned)    2.5kg

Wholesale Cooking Oil:
Butter Ghee    1x2kg
Cooking Oil (green)    20ltr
Cooking Oil (ktc)    20ltr
Cooking Oil (yellow)    20ltr
Cooking Oil 5ltr    5ltr
Corn Oil    15ltr
Vegatable Ghee    12.5kg

Wholesale Cream:
C/c Double    6x250
C/c Single    6x250
Case Single Cream    12x1ltr
Clotted Cream    1kg
Double Cream Fresh    1/2 Gall
Double Cream Pint    Pint
Real Dairy Custard    12x1ltr
Real Dairy Whipping Cream    12x1ltr
Single Cream Fresh    1/2 Gall
Sour Cream    2kg
Spray Cream Uht    1x500
St Ival Single    1ltr
Whipping Cream    1ltr

Wholesale Fresh Farm Eggs:
Case Medium Eggs    Case
Eggs In Bucket (large)    12 Doz
Eggs In Bucket (small)    4 Doz
Medium Eggs Tray    2.5doz

Wholesale Grated Products:
Bj Grated Mild    2kg
Bladen 70/30 Pizzamix    6x1kg
Case 100% Mozzerella Gr8    6x2kg
Case 70/30 Pizza Gr8    6x2kg
Case 80/20 Pizza Gr8    6x2kg
Coloured Grated    2kg
Grated Mature    2kg
Grated Cheese    2kg
Kingdom Diced Pizzamix    6x2kg
Kingdom Shredded Pizzamix    6x2kg
Mild Grated    2kg
Mozz/ched 70/30 Gr8    2kg
Mozz/cheddar 80/20 Gr8    2kg
Mozzerella Gr8    2kg
Red Leicester    2kg
White/coloured 50/50    2kg

Wholesale Marinated Meats:
Bbq Chicken (marinated)    1kg
Beef & Chilli (marinated)    1kg
Beef (spicy Bbq)    1kg
Cajun Chicken (marinated)    1kg
Chicken Piri Piri (marinated)    1kg
Chicken Tikka (marinated)    1kg
Chinese Chicken (marinated)    1kg
Italian Chicken (marinated)    1kg
Lemon Pepper Chicken Low Fat    1kg
Lime & Coriander Chicken    1kg
Marinated Minted Lamb    1kg
Mediterranean Chicken    1kg
Mediterranian Beef    1kg
Red Thai Chicken (marinated)    1kg
Tandoori Chicken (marinated)    1kg

Wholesale Meats Cooked (joints):
Black Pud Rings    5lb
Black Pud Sticks    Each
Black Pud Sticks Mini    500g
Brawn    2kg
Cajun Chicken (100%)    2kg
Chawl    2kg
Chick Roll    1kg
Chorizo Sausage    1kg
Cooked Ham (100%)    3kg
Garlic Sausage    Each
Garlic Sos Chubb    500g
Haslet    1.5kg
Madrange Ruban Bleu Ham    7kg
Ox Tongue    2kg
Panchetta    500g
Pepperoni Stick    1kg
Pork (100%)    3kg
Pork Stuffed (100%)    3kg
Salami Stick    Each
Shoulder Ham    4kg
Smoked Ham    3kg
Square Shoulder    3.6k
Topside Beef (100%)    3kg
Turkey (100%)    3kg
Turkey Bone In    3kg
White Pudding    600g
Yorkshire Ham (80%)    3kg

Wholesale Meats Cooked (sliced):
Beef (100%)    500g
Corned Beef    500g
Diced Chicken    2.5kg
Diced Mexican    2.5kg
Diced Tikka    2.5kg
Fillet Chicken    2.5kg
Gammon Ham (100%)    500g
Pork (100%)    500g
Sliced Chicken    2.5kg
Sliced Roast Chicken    2.5kg
Strip Chicken    2.5kg
Turkey (100%)    500g

Wholesale Packaging And Disposables:
6 Inch Paper Plates    X1000
7 Inch Paper Plates    X1000
Ap10 Containers    X500
Ap6 Containers    X500
Ap9 Containers    X500
Baguette Sleeves (100x315mm)    X2000
Baguette Tubes 9    X250
Brown Bags 10x10    X1000
Buffet Plates    9 X 600
Chip Trays C2    X500
Disposible Gloves    X100
Forks    X1000
Grease Proof Sheets (380x250)    X1000
Hb10 (middlewich)    X250
Hb6 (middlewich)    X500
Hb7 (middlewich)    X500
Hb9 (middlewich)    X500
Hp4 (3 Compartment)    X200
Hp4 (one Compartment)    X250
Knives    X1000
Oval Baked Potato Boxes    X500
Paper Bags White (10x10)    X1000
Paper Bags White (12x12)    X500
Pizza Tables    X1000
Plastic Srirrers    X500
Sandwich Bags 7 X 7    
Sandwich Wedges Std    X500
Satco Containers (500)    X250
Satco Containers (650)    X250
Sporks (h/weight)    X1000
Tea Spoons - Plastic    X1000
White Dish Clothes X 100    
Wooden Stirrers    X1000

Wholesale Pizza Boxes:
10 Inch Brown    X100
10 Inch White    X100
12 Inch Brown    X100
12 Inch White    X100
14 Inch White    X100
14 Inch Brown    X100
16 Inch Brown    X100
16 Inch White    X100
7 Inch Brown    X100
7 Inch White    X100
9 Inch Brown    X100
9 Inch White    X100

Wholesale Pizza Toppings:
Canadian Bacon    1kg
Chinese Halal Chicken    1kg
Cooked Diced Chick    2.5kg
Halal Ham    1kg
Halal Pepperoni    1kg
Spicy Beef    1kg
Spicy Chicken    1kg
Spicy Pork    1kg
Super Top Pepperoni    1kg
Super Top Salami    1kg

Wholesale Yogurts & Desserts:
Blue Lid Natural Yogurt    10ltr
Elm Farm Dairy Vanilla Dessert    24x100g
Golden Acre Low Fat    20x150g
Golden Acre Thick&creamy    20x150g
Greek Yogurt 1kg    1kg
Green Top Natural Yogs    10x425g
Natural Yogurt 10ltr    10ltr
Natural Yogurt 1ltr    Ltr
Natural Yogurt 425g    6x425g
Natural Yogurt 5ltr    5ltr
Natural Yogurt Large    15ltr
Yogino Chocolate    6x4x125
Yogino Raspberry And Cherry    6x4x125
Yogino Strawberry    6x4x125
Yoginos Assorted    6x4x125
Yoginos Banana    6x4x125
Yoginos Pineapple    6x4x125
Yogurt Thick & Creamy    5ltr