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CoffeeloversUK Barista Training At CoffeeloversUK we are dedicated to helping businesses develop their skills in creating the perfect espresso based drinks. We improve the standards of beverage quality in coffee shops, restaurants and hotels throughout the UK by providing them with up to date training, audits and regular machine maintenance.


A Training and Auditing Plan identifies the needs of each individual client which then enables us to design specific training to their requirements. This helps increase job satisfaction, staff retention and encourages career progression. A Barista trained by CoffeeloversUK will gain a thorough understanding on the fundamentals of the history of coffee, espresso extraction, milk texturing, grinder setting and daily maintenance of their machine. They will not only be able to make quality drinks time after time but they will also be able to deliver great customer service. Research shows that by consistently presenting a fantastic cup of coffee every time will result in an increase of customer satisfaction, increase sales and ultimately higher profits.


CoffeeloversUK believes the secret lies in the hand of the Barista. For more details and a free assessment please contact Miranda on the details below. Email: [email protected] Tel: +44(0)7930183955