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Sir, We are looking for a importer/distributor of following products: 1. Gangajal - this is a most sacred holy water of Indians. This comes out from the Himalayan mountains. We are packing this at 8500 ft. above the sea level. This water is widely used by Indians at their homes for their everyday prayers. this water is known to have herbal and mineral properties. There are several scientific studies done on this water. We are packing this water in 200 ml pouches and 330 ml bottles. We are looking for companies in Singapore, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Mauritius, Thailand, Japan, USA, Canada and other countries. 2. Stevia - we are packing organic herbal stevia. This is a excellent substitute of sugar. It can be used in tea, cakes, pastries, cookies, pies, soft drinks...etc. 3. Moosli - this is again organic herbal. This is excellent replacement of Viagra. Viagra is known to increase blood pressure...this does not increase blood pressure. 4. Constipation powder - we have made a herbal powder which help in constipation. We have tested on 140 people till date and have 100% positive feedback. It has good taste. We have given this to people who were on allopath medicines for few years. They took only for 3 days and were relieved. Kindly let us know if something is of you are interested.