Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

The 1st International Exhibition for Food Ingredients, Additives and Flavours is to be held in the OFEC venue, Casablanca between the 10th and 12th of November 2011. This event is the first of its type in Morocco and is designed to bring together suppliers and purchasers of food ingredients from all over the country and further afield. Over the course of three days, many of the leading providers of catering supplies and food manufacturing equipment will be displaying their goods.

One of the key goals for the events organiser is for buyers and suppliers to exchange information and make new contacts. There will be plenty of opportunities and media through which to communicate such as a daily programme, press releases and a show catalogue. Those looking to purchase baking ingredients wholesale will certainly not find a lack of potential suppliers from both Morocco and the rest of the world.

From 9am to 7pm each day, there will be an abundance of trade exhibitions and conferences presenting the very best in catering suppliers, food manufacturing professionals and food processing equipment. The official opening ceremony will take place at 4pm on Tuesday the 10th of November, although doors will open at 9am as usual. Also on the first day of the exhibition there will be an exhibitor’s reception at 9pm.

The 1st International Exhibition for Food Ingredients, Additives and Flavours is an ideal opportunity for both sides of the industry to get together and make new contacts which could benefit both parties. All manner of products will be on display from wholesale baking ingredients to meat and poultry products, fish and seafood, spirits, wines and liquors. Specialist catering supplies are also represented, providing an array of ingredients for healthy nutrition and food processing equipment.


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